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November 2005 KBEEA Meeting Notes email

November 9, 2005

Meeting Notes


Attendees: Beth Trowbridge, Bree Murphy, Heather Beggs, Steve Hackett, Catie Bursch, Melonie Shipman, Carmen Field, Carol Swartz, Terry Thompson, Ingrid Harrald, Lois Bettini, Kris Holderied, Elizabeth Wasserman, Glenn Seaman, Hillary (from Independent Learning), Christine Sgro, Janet Szajkowski, Nancy Kleine, Marilyn Sigman, Marianne Kronk


New Programs

Hillary (Independent Living):  - a teen program is starting up in January and running

through May > open to any high school students and

run through Community Schools (3 – 5 pm once a week)

> call 235-7911 for more info


Ingrid (Cook Inlet Keeper): - CEMP (Citizen Environmental Monitoring Program now

doing wetland sites and adding bio-assessment  in the

summers only > looking for partners on this

Steve: Is the Keeper doing any plant observations?

Ingrid: Not really; the focus is on ENRI protocols (with

macroinvertebrates); students can get involved only

during the summer


Bree (CACS): - continue to offer CACS spring programs

- new this year:

- tried homeschool oceanography with students from Wasilla &

Kenai Peninsula

- Science on the Spit, based out of the yurt (K – 5th grade)

- dock tours focusing on marine life

- Kids Day Across the Bay (summer) > not as many kids as expected

- joint Coastwalk programs with Refuge, working with Melonie’s

Marine Debris program (also at Day of Science in Seldovia) >

hoping to start Coastwalk in other communities

- using aerial photos from KBRR now with Coastwalk, plus GPS


Beth (CACS/WNC):   - BioKids is new for 7 – 12 year-olds, with art and nature focus (a

drop-in program) > really successful & will continue; once a week

with 10 – 12 kids (nearly full)

- evening programs on Fridays from 6 – 8 pm, focusing on art &

nature with artist intern > lack of advertising; will continue

- 1-week winter program for 8 – 12 year-olds over 12 – 14 weeks

(limit: 12 – 15 kids), with focus on earth (kids sign up) > next year

will focus on watersheds with field trips

- Winter Ecology school program piloted with Fireweed last year;

this year it will be coordinated with Connections homeschool



Heather (Pratt):    - introduced Lois Bettini, the museum’s new education coordinator

- this January, the museum staff will be looking for ID cards for aquaria;

a new tank will replace the sand tank

- next art/science exhibit collaboration will be BUGS


Lois (Pratt):    - passed out 2 handouts (Pratt Museum – An Overview (vision statement)

and Programs at a Glance) > she would like input on the vision statement

in January

- WHIZ Kids has started with newly hired local kid (Nigel) > 2 days / week

(drop-in program)

- lifelong learners being incorporated into mentor/internship programs

- docent training once a month at museum > first was with Carmen last

month; next is Nov. 17 (Jennifer Adleman speaking on interpreting

exhibits related to geology & geography)

- she’s overhauling entire ed program at museum and how it’s outreached

in this community

- in April she’ll release info on a program based on entomology > Bug Me

Week in 2nd week of July; students to get involved in museum’s insect


Carmen: fyi - educators at Kachemak Bay Learning Center teach


- hopefully there’ll be a bug class at Kachemak Bay Campus in Sep/Oct


Christine (HSWCD):    - has done canoe trip to Kenai NWR, bear safety with National

Park Service staff, an inventory program with her Natural

Resource &  Technology class > high school students meet

Mon & Wed nights 6 – 8 pm for 1 credit of science/vocational

arts; most are 10th grade (8 girls this year); have greenhouse;

students are FFA members – they recently placed 22nd out of 39

teams in national forestry contest at FFA Conference in


Carol: Who can enroll?

Chris: open to any high school student (homeschool students


- now preparing for Envirothon, focusing on global change and

water stewardship

- call 299-2706 for more info on this program

- students need community work projects (they need hours for



Melonie (AMNWR):     - programs now only focusing on Refuge resources, especially

Aleutians / Pribilofs > programs include Kodiak WhaleFest,

summer Native camps, joint projects with the Commander Isls,

and international schools

- Poppy is being given the USFWS’ national Sense of Wonder


- there will be a divisional meeting on outreach with Refuge staff

in Dec. > they’ll probably be cutting back on Homer education

programs (still Club Mud, but less of others); probably fall will

be blackout time for Homer programs

- there will be a new education coordinator for the Refuge

between April 1 and June 1 because Melonie is going to



Janet Szajkowski:      - appreciate opportunities to work with local EE providers & Nancy


- ~ 245 K – 12 students in Connections locally (114 in 7th – 12th

mostly (Connections) high school)


Steve (IDEA):    - Steve is a secondary contact teacher for IDEA, with math/science/EE


- ~ 160 K – 12th students Anchor Point and south (in KPBSD there are

almost 600)

- outdoor programs involve parents directly

- in spring he offers Roadside Geology (during fall – Earth Science Week

in Oct., using AK Mineral & Resource Kits (belonging to MMS) > he

also leads 1/2 –day boat tour, highlighting geology with 90 people on

Rainbow Connection (will continue)

- RAVEN correspondence school (will continue)

Bree: homeschool students coming to Homer from north of Anchorage

and up Peninsula, supporting perhaps a spring homeschool

series of programs

Nancy: winter programs are good because lots is happening in the

spring; there are lots of homeschool kids (~1300 total

on Peninsula)

Lois: is teaching entomology online now; entomology will be available

online for exhibits during next year


Kris (NOAA):   - NOAA would like lab used, though it’s limited for school groups >

great field facilities include dry/wet lab, pier and more

- NOAA has given UAF money for community use of lab

- NOAA has many lesson plans on its education website



Elizabeth (NPS):   - Lake Clark opened an office in Homer last spring, i.e. a satellite field


- partnered with Refuge & Reserve at Islands & Ocean this past


- working on curriculum for Lake Clark for AK Peninsula schools

(ready within a year)

- she’s developing a jr. ranger program for the Park Service >

interested in partnering

- handed out Lake Clark brochure & Interpretive Themes info sheet,

plus Web Ranger brochure

- Nov. 18 will be a climate change talk at 7pm (“Climate Change – What

Lies Ahead: The Story Behind Alaska’s Warm Welcome” by   John

Morris of regional NPS)

- Dec. 2 at 7pm Alan Bennett will give an overview on NPS inventory

& monitoring – “Vital Signs: Monitoring Our National Parks (Alan is

the project’s coordinator)

- Dec. 28 at noon Elizabeth will give a virtual tour of Lake Clark

National Park


Glenn (NOAA):    - handed out an overview of his project, a College of Rural AK


- Native communities want to be involved in resource management

- vision: distance learning and classes offered in the region,

incorporating TEK and western science

- 10 students from Chugach region, with scholarship money available

- for the past 6 months, he’s been solidifying partnerships > a new

advisory group will meet in Anchorage Dec. 5, 2005


Terry:       - Coastal Training Program (CTP) is managed by Rick Foster at KBRR

- Rick works with planning & zoning commissions

- next program will focus on roads & their impacts > future workshops:

gateway community project, ethical wildlife viewing

Bree: What is the ethical wildlife viewing workshop?

Terry: Terry Johnson is organizing this; KBRR is just helping as needed

- the Reserve is strengthening its relationship with the ADF&G

SportFish Deptarment, especially with its invasive species programs

Lois: KBRR could partner with museum on commercial fish interpretation on

invasives outreach (example: mud snail)

Steve: ecotourism training may meet goal of KBEEA audience


Catie:  - the CIAP teacher field trip planning website looks good > all EE organizations /

KBEEA members are invited to outreach their  programs here (contact Catie)

- handed out Fall ’05 Discovery Lab schedule (winter ’06 schedule will be

available in December)

Heather: Are we tracking hits to the website?

Catie: Yes, we had 2,000 in October.

Lois: I direct teachers to this website.


Carol (KBC-KPC):    - this semester’s science classes included: Biology of Whales,

Cycles in Nature, Mushrooms, and Oceanography

- next semester’s classes include: global climate change (with Ed


- 5 weeks beginning in late March on Thursday evenings), fish

biology with Willy Dunne in March, Physical Geology, Intro to

Biology, teacher trainings, and Elderhostel programs

- if your agency/organization has a brochure to share with students,

give them to Carol for distribution


Carmen (KBRR):        - the Reserve’s High Seas Drifters and Careers in Marine Science

(indoor lab programs), Estuary Ecology & Research (outdoor

programs), and Discovery Labs continue to be offered

- she attended a science inservice in the MatSu and many teachers

requested sharing EE activities via the Web

- the Reserve is sponsoring an art contest through March 17, 2006

(My Estuary Art Contest)

- Reserve staff is now teaching Plankton Art classes for K – 12th

grade students (a spin-off from last year’s plankton art workshops

for artists)

- the Reserve’s education staff is now coordinating more than ever

with the research staff, accompanying them on field work

- Carmen manages 3 listserves: KBEEA (those not subscribed are

invited to join), KBay Teachers, and Climate Change Teachers

- the teacher field trip planning website to be copied for Seward EE

opportunities per NPS staff

- Day of Science in Seldovia with Partners in Education went really

well; Carmen gave positive feedback from school principal Curt

Liberty; discussion to add new partners (such as NPS) and offer to

homeschool students (tentatively April 7, 2006), as well as repeat

for Seldovia in 2006-07 school year


KBEEA Outreach Committee

Banner:    - done by Catie  and Kevin; posted on wall

- it will be kept in the Islands & Ocean graphics room in tube

- add National Park Service (Elizabeth will confirm NPS or Lake Clark NPS) &

Kachemak Bay Campus to list of partners on this banner or a 2nd one

- print up 4 – 6 banners eventually

Rack card:     - Carmen to work on rack card this winter; she apologizes for tardiness

- can money from marketing I & O pay for printing these? Other sources?

- Marilyn will pull together details on KBEEA for future newspaper feature article

- Add Elizabeth/NPS and Lois/Pratt to Committee

- 2006 Committee members: Gale, Lois, Melonie, Marilyn, Carmen, Catie, Elizabeth

- next committee meeting: Tuesday, January 10 at 9:00 am at Pratt



Elizabeth: How are people finding out about our programs? Mostly unknown

Partners in Education

PlanktonFest ’06:    - scheduled for March 15 at I&O, with Discovery Lab and

more, depending on partner activities

Bree: Can plankton ecology training be an annual event

for CACS volunteers (and others)?

Carmen: Yes, but we’ll schedule it for a different day.


Microscopic Ocean Art & Nature - Kevin Co (KBRR) took photos of exhibit (not easily

accessed yet)

Elizabeth: Can Plankton Art workshops be

offered for adults in the future?


KBay Science Conference

Terry:                      - dates have changed to March 24 – 26, 2006 at HHS

Mariner Theater with Sunday field trip to Kasitsna Bay

Lab > starts at 1pm Friday; Saturday will feature talks on

nearshore and watershed habitats; reception & poster

session will be offered, too

- theme: Observing our Bay

- keynote speakers to be invited: Nick Tanape, Lance

Trasky, & Bumppo Bremmicker

- there will be an option for teachers to earn credit


Teacher Trainings - after discussion, it was agreed to offer a Project WET /

Project WILD – Forest Ecology teacher workshop during

the 3rd week of June > Beth and Marianne will coordinate

on this

Bree: a CACS 1-credit course for teachers is coming up,

preparing teachers for coming to the CACS

Peterson Bay Field Station


Online Resources Bree: CACS has a new online opportunity to create a map

from ShoreZone mapping info



Kris gave a Powerpoint presentation, describing how the lab has changed due to its recent remodel and how KBEEA members might use this resource. Visit http://www.westnurc.uaf.edu/kbay.html to learn more about the Kasitsna Bay Lab located between Jakolof and Seldovia Bays on the south side of Kachemak Bay.

- The new pier might be a location for a student monitoring project.

- The 2 dorms sleep ~ 48 people.




Arctic Winter Games

Marianne:             - Games take place March 5 – 11, 2006

- opening ceremonies on Sunday, March 4 at 7 pm

- curling & cultural events taking place in Homer > cultural

event on Thursday, March 9 at 6 – 9 pm; organizers are

looking for events on Thursday and Friday

- organizers looking for volunteers – sign-up online; volunteers

must have background check

- final schedule due out Jan. 9, 2006

- Does anyone have items for goody bags? (need lots of them,

as there will be ~ 800 special guests / 3,000 volunteers / 2,000

coaches & participants)


Women of Science ‘06

Beth:                     - There will be a Women of Science event at Islands & Ocean

Jan. 21 for Girl Scouts from around the Homer area > if

anyone’s interested in participating, contact Beth or Tina



G.L.O.B.E. Update

Elizabeth asked for an update on GLOBE monitoring in the Homer area > Marilyn gave overview, commenting that intertidal protocols that were to be developed never got integrated; Beth said folks at the Wynn Nature Center are doing some atmospheric data collecting


Homer Eco-tourism Marketing group (Kachemak Bay Ecotourism Network)

Heather:                 - passed around KBEN / Green Sea Star Network handout

- KBEN has adopted AWRTA principles (sustainable &

ethical ecotourism practices)

- Homer trail map is now available (as of July ’05); funded by

ACF; 4,000 printed; free; will print more

Carol: Cost of printing might be a good Homer Foundation


- there is a Wild Homer brochure now

- a Watchable Wildlife of Kachemak Bay brochure is being

created by ADF&G / Karla Hart > will include Kenai

Peninsula Wildlife Trail (road & ferry system); 2007

publication date

- KBEN met in the spring and again last week > it was decided

that a membership organization was needed for marketing

Homer as an ecotourism destination cooperatively

November ‘05 meeting outcomes:

- advertising > need new phrase to replace

Discover Homer Naturally”

- offer trainings, such as sustainable ecotourism

- coordination with other groups

Carol: Economic development is important.

Melonie: Leave blank space on rack cards for

marketing and tracking (an idea).


Kasistna Bay Lab Use by Educators

Kris:                 - NOAA has $15,000 to spend for community use of lab (doesn’t

include transportation)

- blackout months for use will be in March and during summer

- NOAA wants more use of the newly remodeled lab facilities

- boats & vehicles are available, but none are in good shape

- she will let Lois and others know of intership/mentorship

opportunities at the lab

- NOAA ship Miller Freeman may come to Homer for a couple

days at the end of March or early April to do fishery surveys

Bree: What are the fees for use of the lab?

Kris: Not yet sure.


Marilyn: A limited # of boats are available for transporting

groups to the lab.


Bree: Can lab researchers do community presentations?

Kris: Yes, this effort was started by Gordon Thayer.


Catie: How will lack of classroom (a need for most education

programs) be met? Would Alliance support of providing

more classroom space help?

Kris: Not sure and probably not.


Ideas:       - summer SAPling program (Pratt) activity

- summer high school student programs

- ferry class on ACC (AK Coastal Current) / plankton

collecting data



Heather: Can Kris be a COSEE liason for the Alliance?

Kris: Yes.


Carmen: Reminded everyone that KBEEA member list, with links to each

organization’s website, is on the teacher field trip planning website (at



Carmen: Gave update on Tidepool Guide effort in spring ’05 > Catie made

buttons, which were attached to orange Refuge vests; these were

worn by KBRR ed staff on beach during May minus tides…no

students / classes showed up

- perhaps we should try to contact schools to see exactly when class

groups are planning to visit Bishops Beach



January 10, 2006          KBEEA Outreach Committee meeting (9:00 am at Pratt)


February 2, 2006          Homeschool Day of Science planning meeting (9:00 am at I&O) for

April 7, 2006 classes


February 8, 2006          Semi-annual KBEEA meeting (9:00 am – 2:00 pm at I&O)

- agenda items to include: Science Conference education update, Arctic

Winter Games update, ANROE Conference info, NAME Conference

info, summer programming, Tidepool Guide strategies


March 9 – 11, 2006      ANROE Statewide Conference in Anchorage


July 9 – 12, 2006          NAME Conference in Seward


A special thanks to the Homer Foundation for funding and to Stan Anderson for hosting the website.