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February 2007 KBEEA Meeting Notes email

Friday February 23, 2007

Minutes Introductions:

Co-Chair Elizabeth Wasserman, NPS, welcomed members and visitors. She asked each person to briefly introduce him/herself, their organization and their role. Prior to the meeting, participants were also asked to bring program brochures, rack cards, business cards and other written information to share. (See attached roster for members present at the meeting.)



Michael Opheim, Seldovia Village Tribe, updated the group on Seldovia Sea Days planning; Sea Week Day is May 17th. Current participants: CACS, Kasistsna Bay Lab/NOAA, Pratt Museum, KBRR. Michael also asked for subject content input in current and future planning efforts. The group agreed to discuss future planning efforts at the Fall meeting.

Jennifer Adleman, AVO, provided the group with an introduction to her role as education specialist for AVO and answered education program questions.

Discussion Topics:

Visitors Susan Clardy and Lee Mayhan introduced and discussed a draft resolution seeking protection of intertidal resources to the Homer City Council. They asked for input and support from KBEEA members as a group. Elizabeth W. agreed to gather input and share further information with Susan and Lee and with KBEEA members in order to provide appropriate support from the group.

Catie Bursch and Carmen Camen Field, both KBRR, discussed perceptions of the usefulness of current education kits, potential for teacher training’s, housing and accessibility of kits. They reported the results of a survey sent to their KBRR education advisory group, seeking information about education kits within the school district. They asked the group for assistance with creating a list of all known science kits available to teachers in the Kachemak Bay community, and also for help in creating wish list of kits the group would like to see developed. Members of the group provided input and suggestions. Catie will generate a composite list of all kits to KBEEA members for comment.

Carol Swartz, UAA-KPC/KBC, provided an update on KBC classes; see the schedule of classes for details.

Kris Holdereid, NOAA, agreed to again cover the website fee through the fiscal year 2007. Kris will again reimburse the Pratt for the fees.

Updates & Issues:

Elizabeth asked participants to provide the group with brief updates on announcements activities beyond regularly scheduled programs. Members were again reminded to provide the group with written program information (see “Introductions”) and individual organization program calendars (if available).

Upcoming activity and/or date to note, which may not yet be found on general organization calendars, and contact person:

Beauty and the Bug workshops Feb-March                              Ryjil

Beauty and the Bug April 6th-May 28th (Pratt)              Ryjil

PLT Training March 30th Elizabeth

Classes at Kasitsna Bay (see flyer)                                            Kris and Dave

Alaska Ocean Film Fest March 19th-23rd Ginger

Earth Day celebration   April 21st Marianne

Watchable Wildlife events June                                     Marianne

Education Coordinator’s Meeting (KBRR) April                       Terry

Volunteer interns needed May23rd-Aug.21 (KBRR)                 Terry

Tide monitors May 15th KBRR staff

CACS / Wynn upcoming activities - see calendar                      Beth and Bree

BugMe Week July 9th –13th (Pratt)                                           Lois

Coastweeks/Estuaries Day Sept.6th-29th Beth

NOSB Team Fall 2007                                                            Kris

Flotsam & Jetsam: The KBEEA banner is still missing. If anyone has seen it, please contact Elizabeth or Lois.  Wrap-up/Next meeting: The next KBEEA meeting will be 9am – 2pm October 5th, 2007 at the old NERR building. Please email agenda items and visitor requests to both Elizabeth and Lois by September 14th.


A special thanks to the Homer Foundation for funding and to Stan Anderson for hosting the website.