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October 2008 KBEEA Meeting Notes email

Friday October 10, 2008


Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center – Seminar Room

8:45 am Arrivals 9:00 am Meeting begins

Welcome: Beth

Introductions:                                                             ALL

Members in attendance were: Beth Trowbridge, Marilyn Sigman, Carmen Field, Debbie Beoge-Tobin, Catie Bursch, Lisa Matlock, Ingrid Harrid, Ryjil Christensen, Glenn Seaman, Kris Holderied, Elizabeth Wasserman

9:30 am Guest (via audioconference call):


Rebecca Talbot, EVOS 30 minutes

EVOS 20th Anniversary outreach efforts:

Rebecca gave a brief presentation on the outreach efforts of EVOS for the 20th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.  The EVOS Communication Plan was distributed to the group prior to the meeting.

Initially the push was for high tech information in the form of a film, but now the Trustee Council has looked at a more basic approach with the focus on getting information out to the public about the basic research that has been done over the past 20 year.  There will be a big world-wide focus on the 20th anniversary – they are seeing evidence of it happening already.

Main focus:  getting science translated for the general public and out by January 1, 2009.  The goal is for a 1 page summary.

The website is getting redone so that it is easier to read and more inviting to the general public.

The Darkened Waters exhibit will be back in Alaska.  Some sort of audio-visual program will be developed for use by organizations.  Initially a 12 minute film has been funded – this should be a good format for a general visitor.

The education component will be addressed at a later date – probably in a couple of months.

Kris H suggested submitting a proposal for funding of a 3-4 minute film.

Lisa M. asked about how the proposed “speaker bureau” will work.  Rebecca said the concept is still being developed, but hoped that a list of scientists, community members, and other resources would be available to communities so that if they wanted to do a presentation, or event they would be able to draw from this list.  Some travel funding is available for the speakers.

Marilyn suggested that the Kachemak Bay Science Conference in March of 2009 would be a good venue for presentations as well.

Kris H mentioned the National Ocean Science Bowl in Seward on February 7th as a possible resource for educational focus.

Lisa M would like to be involved in the education efforts when they are starting to focus on this.

It was suggested that an on-line forum to share ideas about upcoming community events and outreach efforts would be a good idea. Rebecca said there was already a forum to talk about what is going on – an on-line calendar is available.  She will send out an email with the forum address and Beth will send it out to KBEEA group.

10:00 am Discussion:

K-Bay Science Conference 2009 Marilyn

Marilyn presented notes on the planning process for the 2009 Science Conference.  A hand out was given to attendees.  Contact Marilyn if you need another copy of the hand out.

Richard Louv's and the Children & Nature

Network's Grassroot Gathering Carmen

Carmen presented information about the workshop that she attended in Nebraska  in September.  If you would like more information on this workshop or access to her presentation notes, contact Carmen.  Her presentation sparked a great deal of discussion and a follow-up meeting date was suggested for Ocotber 31 so that the group could discuss the issue of getting kids outdoors at greater length.  KBEEA members as well as health care professional, school representatives, city council members, other care providers, etc will also be invited to attend this meeting.

A couple specific ideas that were generated:

Look at the C & NN website (Children and Nature website) tools available for setting up groups, etc

KBEEA presentation to the school board?

Green YouTube: www.worldgoinggreen.com

Community conversation on topic?

Book Club?

One page info sheet on the benefits of getting kids outdoors to hand out?

Meet Up group developed for Homer?

KBEEA Educational kit workshop for teachers?     Carmen/Catie

The Education List was re-circulated for updates.  Catie will revise as necessary.  It was suggested that KBEEA set up a booth at one of the teacher in-services (preferably in August) to have some of our kits out for show.  The group also agreed that a teacher workshop would be a good idea.  We will look into doing a for-credit workshop in late Ocotber of 2009.

Debbie T. will look into offering the workshop for credit.  Catie B will contact the school district about a booth for kit displays at an in-service.

Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge's 2009 Centennial                                                              Lisa

AMNWR will hold a centennial celebration to honor 100 years of bird conservation.  In Homer the celebration may be around the Science Conference, but will probably be next October.

11:00 am Break 15 minutes


11:15 pm Announcements & Updates & Issues if you plan to add an announcement, update or issue, please bring it up during the season under consideration

Pratt:  Whiz Kids will happen in November Tues/Thrs 3:30-4:30

New program: Forest Explorers – February Tues/Thrs 3:30-4:30

Science/Art collaboration will be on the oil spill

NOAA: Kris mentioned that the idea of a field camp/marine science camp in the fall has come up – parents have expressed interest in seeing something like this happen to get students excited for the school year.  The idea floating around is a field camp for kids or families, maybe incorporate a robotics competition.

Kris offered to contact a teacher at the high school about getting an Ocean Bowl team together for this year’s competition.

AMNWR: Lisa is updating their website for programs offered.  She is gone in Fall/Winter doing programs in Refuge schools and is not available in Feb/March.  They are developing a Junior Ranger WWII program.  Carla Stanley has been working with schools doing Junior duck stamp classes.

KBRR:  They are focused on developing new exhibits for the KBRR hallway.

KPC: Debbie asked for ideas about a marine biology program that she is trying to develop.  She wants it to be different than what is offered at UAS/UAF.  Talk to her if you have specific ideas.

CACS:  Winter programs will begin in January and will have the same format as last year – a Thursday evening presentation at the CACS headquarters building followed by a “field” trip on the next Saturday at the Wynn Nature Center.  Topics are still being developed.

New Program Coordinator was hired to fill Bree Murphy’s position and she will be here December 1st.

12:00 pm Potluck Lunch

1:00 pm Flotsam & Jetsam… basically anything we haven’t covered already that needs consideration by the members of KBEEA

1:30 pm Wrap-up/Next meeting

Next KBEEA meeting is scheduled for February 13, 2009

Topic of discussion will be evaluation strategies

1:45 pm Meeting adjourns 


A special thanks to the Homer Foundation for funding and to Stan Anderson for hosting the website.