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Seldovia, Alaska



Housing / Camping for Groups

Susan B. English School

Contact: School Principle, Sherry Hingley at 234-7616 (during the school year)

Location: Right in town, about a 10-15 min walk from the airstrip and quite near the harbor. (you will have to work around thier schedule)

Other: Floor spaceCooking facilities(sometimes)

Outside Beach Campground

Contact: Jim Hecks at 234-7848 for van taxi.

Location: Aprox. one mile from the harbor, on a beach facing Kachemak Bay. Most groups hire a van to shuttle the gear and food to the campground and have the kids walk and carry what they comfortably can.

Campground offers: Picnic pavilion, Public restroom building, Sites on the shore or in the woods, Tables

Fee: $5 per night for tent site.

Campground arrangements are made through the city.

For more information and photos use these links: or

Kasitsna Bay Lab BunkhouseKasitsna Bay Lab

Location: Kasitsna Bay Lab is located across Kachemak Bay from Homer just west of Jakolof Bay.

Details: The Kasitsna Bay Lab is a non-profit research facility hosted by University of Fairbanks and NOAA. They can offer bunkhouse accomadations and cooking facilities for up to 50 people. It is located about 1/2 mile from the public dock in Jakolof Bay. You can get there by boat, or by driving from Jakolof or Seldovia. Please check out their website to learn more and to inquire about prices.

Website: Kasitsna Bay Lab



Getting there: You can not drive to Seldovia. The highway ends in Homer.

AIR: You can get to Seldovia by airplane in about 15 min., (weather permiting). Airfare is aproximately $50 per person round trip (half for one way). For more information use this link:

BOAT: If you travel to Seldovia by boat you have a couple choices. You can take a shorter boat ride and then hire a terrestrial taxi for the last 10 miles on a road, or you can take a boat all the way there. Probably the most economical and efficient with a group of kids is to take a boat the whole way. Travel time will be about 1-2 hours on the water depending on the boat. Rates seem to be about $55-$80 per person round trip. (ask about discount for kids under 12) There are boats of different sizes and you can even take the Alaska Marine Ferry, M/V Tustumena to Seldovia from Homer.

For information on boats go to Boats that can handle groups or visit the Seldovia web site at

For the Tustumena Ferry schedule visit:


If you are planning on eating as a large group in one of the Seldovia restaurants or would like sandwiches made, it may be beneficial to give them advanced notice.



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